Track Sub Regs


Track Regulations


ADRP Means Adelaide Drag Race Promotions.
ANDRA means the Australian National Drag Racing Association.

Should the meeting be abandoned for whatever reason prior to the finals, no prize money or trophies will be awarded, unless advertised as otherwise by ADRP. Entry fees will not be refunded unless the event is abandoned prior to the scheduled commencement, in which case an administration fee and ANDRA insurance charges will be retained.

At all times ANDRA rules are to be observed. Any debate on their interpretation shall be determined by the meeting director in conjunction with ANDRA personnel present on the day. By accepting the entry of any vehicle or by allowing the vehicle to participate the organisers shall not be deemed to warrant or guarantee the competency of any drivers, owners or any associated crew participating in the event or any official appointed for the supervision of the event pursuant to these rules, or the efficiency or mechanical soundness of any vehicle entered for and taking part in the event, or that the strip for the event is in a safe condition for racing, or competitive driving, or that the strip or any part thereof shall be free from spectators or any obstacles or that the rules governing said event shall be observed by any other entrant, driver or mechanic therein.

No pets or other animals are permitted at AIR during any event. Both the animal and the animal handler/owner will be subject to immediate removal from AIR.

Should the minimum number of entrants, as required by ANDRA Championship regulations, not be available at the close of entries, or at the commencement of qualifying, the bracket will be cancelled. AIR reserves the right to combine brackets, or allow those affected to nominate to another bracket for which the vehicle is eligible. All competing vehicles must conform to relevant ANDRA Class and Safety Regulations.

As there is a physical limitation on the number of competitors able to run and conclude a one day event, AIR will cap the number of competitors allowed to enter such an event. Competitor entries will be accepted on a first in first accepted system at AIR’s discretion (in addition to clause 38) in order to top up field sizes. The maximum entries that will be accepted for a one day event is 170, with the above exception.

Vehicles in the driver’s right (Southern) lane have priority unless otherwise directed by a track official in the braking area.

Any competitor suffering a breakage or suspected equipment failure or fuel/oil discharge while on a run must move to the outside of their lane (near the safety barrier) and stop as quickly as possible to minimise track damage. Competitors must obey all officials’ instructions regarding track exit, especially those officials manning the finish line exit gates.

Racers must advise their bracket marshal if their vehicle is broken. Broken vehicles will be removed from qualifying lists only up to 30 minutes after the end of qualifying. Once brackets are seeded and racers notified they will not be reseeded.

  1. BURNOUTS: Burnouts are permitted in designated area(s) only. Any competitor breaching this rule may be disqualified from the event. Super Sedan, Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster and Super Gas competitors are prohibited from crossing the start line in a burnout. All other eliminators are restricted to one across-the-start line burnout. This includes over-staging (putting out the stage beam). Penalty: run disallowed in qualifying; disqualification in racing. Ignorance of this rule is no excuse. Physical contact with, including holding, a race vehicle by crew members or others during burnouts is prohibited and will result in disqualification of the run.
  2. TEST RUNS / LAUNCHES: Anyone caught doing test runs or test launches or using/travelling at excessive speed anywhere other than on the designated racing surface will be disqualified from the event and may be fined. If fined all racing privileges will be suspended until the penalty is paid.

Children under the age of 16 may not ride in the open back of any vehicle at AIR, and must not be left alone in any vehicle. Persons under the age of 16 are not permitted in the staging lanes or on the track race/return road area at any time except when participating in Junior Dragster competition or fully inside the enclosed cabin of an authorised tender vehicle.

ADRP holds the commercial rights at the venue including, but not limited to, sales of food, beverage, signs, sponsorship, trade sites, ticket sales, parking and entry fees. The management of ADRP reserves the right to remove and/or penalise any person or company found to be undertaking ambush marketing or any promotional activity by unauthorised commercial sales, distributing advertising or promotional materials or products within the venue.

Competitors and/or Teams are permitted to sell Driver and Team-specific apparel and merchandise at AIR on the following conditions:

  1. All products, posters, apparel and merchandise must feature that racer’s name and/or team name and/or car identification.
  2. Sales of Team merchandise must be conducted within the allocated pit/paddock bay/s.
  3. Strictly no “commercial” promotional or product giveaways are permitted unless approved by AIR prior to the event.
  4. Should a Competitor or Team wish to market merchandise in variance to this policy this can only be facilitated through a commercial trade site under the applicable costs, terms and conditions.
  5. AIR reserves the right to order the withdrawal from sale or display any item or product it considers offensive or inappropriate.

Within the designated pit/paddock for their entry Competitors and/or Teams are permitted to display Team and sponsor signage, banners, flags and relevant promotional material. However the distribution or sampling of any products is not permitted without approval. The use of promotional personnel is permitted within the Team’s designated pit/paddock area and when the vehicle is on track. However Team promotional personnel are not permitted to walk through the venue distributing material or undertaking any promotional activities unless approved by AIR.

All competitor, crew and racer discount tickets will be held for collection at the AIR Ticket Box positioned on the competitor entry access road on the opening day of the event. Tickets/Entry packs can be collected from the administration office up to 5:00pm of the last business day prior to the opening day of the event. All tickets issued to a competitor will be held in an envelope bearing the entrant’s name. Competitors and crew need to make arrangements prior to arrival at the competitor entry gate. Tickets must be presented and pit access passes must be affixed to the driver’s side of the windscreen prior to arrival at the AIR competitor entry gate otherwise entry will be refused. Additional tickets for sponsors, additional crew or others must be purchased with the entry form or from the track office prior to the event and distributed prior to the event. Racer discount tickets cannot be purchased from the competitor or spectator ticketing gates on race days. A racer discount ticket cannot be exchanged for a wristband. Unused racer discount tickets are non-refundable. Once a competitor has collected their tickets and they have been used to pass through the gates there is no credit. Using tickets and not racing/not attempting to race will result in a request for the balance of the monetary value of tickets prior to further acceptance of future event entry. All competitors and crew must wear their wristbands at all times. Unauthorised persons are not permitted in the staging lanes or on the track race/return road area except when fully inside the enclosed cabin of unauthorised tender vehicle.

AIR – promoted events: In order to claim a refund for entry fees paid for an ADRP – promoted event, the competitor must advise ADRP of their intention to withdraw from the event by close of business 5:00pm Wednesday prior to the event, by email to: [email protected].  A refund for the entry fee received, less an administration fee, will be issued. The remaining balance will be refunded ASAP. If notice is not received by the time specified by email, the competitor will be deemed a “No Show” and will forfeit their entry fee and any claim to a refund or credit for the entry fee paid.

Sprays of water or other liquids externally onto intercoolers or radiators are not permitted. The use of Glycol based coolant additives is prohibited. All cooling systems must have an appropriate catch can to prevent overflow from dropping onto the racing surface.

Early arriving crew members may enter through the competitor gates from the advertised Competitor Gate opening time on scheduled race days, park in the directed parking area and walk to the pit/paddock area. Crew tickets must be presented on arrival at the competitor gates. (Refer: 13. COMPETITOR TICKETS: and make necessary arrangements to obtain your crew ticket/s before attempting to enter).

We operate under a strict curfew of 11pm. No un-muffled vehicles may be started or operated after the close of racing/qualifying.

It is required that all vehicles competing in Group 3 provide suitable areas on both sides of the vehicle for their dial-in to be posted. Motorcycles must have a number disc that is not obscured by the rider’s legs for this purpose and must be in clear view of the official calling the numbers in front of the tower. All Group 3 dial-ins must remain within the eliminator cut-offs for all rounds of racing. Unless your dial-in has been incorrectly recorded or there has been an incident that causes a delay in racing of 15 minutes or more you cannot change your dial-in after leaving the head of the staging lanes.

Electrical power is available in a restricted area of the paddock, and is limited to a 10 amp supply only. Competitors must make their own arrangements for power requirements beyond that level, or in areas where supply is not available. All power/electrical leads that traverse or need to traverse open areas, traffic areas, access roads, and/or pedestrian walkways must be securely covered by approved cable protectors. All power leads, power tools and generators must be tagged in accordance with Vic government regulations before use at AIR. AIR reserves the right to disconnect or shut down paddock power at any time.

Competitor entry to an event is non-transferable. A competitor who has not entered an event by the advertised entry close-off date cannot take the place of a pre-entered competitor who for any reason does not attend the event. Entry forms and event tickets cannot be swapped between competitors. After entry to the paddock all entrants, competitors and crew are to report to registration with the vehicle log book and competitor’s ANDRA licence, before the vehicle is taken to the staging lanes or scrutineering.

Events are organised by ADRP and staged under the rules, regulations and sanction of the ANDRA and regulations supplementary to those as contained herein. It is a requirement of entry that all Entrants and Drivers/Riders read and accept these regulations and declare that they have done so on the Entry Form.

ADRP reserves the right to amend the event schedule, which may reduce qualifying opportunities in some circumstances.

All competitors must inspect and familiarise themselves with the nature and locations of the finish line, return road, gravel trap, catch net, retaining walls, exit roadways off the track and the emergency stopping area, prior to their first run on the track. Inspections will not be permitted during an event or practice session, unless approved by the meeting director. Inspections may be arranged during an event or practice session but will be subject to the racing program in place.

The activation or use of hydrants without authorisation or in a non-emergency will result in immediate disqualification and removal from AIR The fire protection system is automatic and activates pumps and alarms. Offenders will be required to pay all costs imposed by the SA Fire Brigade for a call-out and all costs incurred to rectify any damage.

Fireworks are prohibited, unless initiated by licensed practitioners contracted by ADRP. Discharge of fireworks by any competitor or their crew will result in immediate disqualification and removal from AIR and the competitor may be banned from any further events at AIR.

The use of glass containers, whether for drinks or other contents, is strictly prohibited.

During handicap racing, competitors must confirm the correctness of their handicap from the finish line display boards. Once a competitor has brought on the stage light, the handicap is assumed correct and the results of the subsequent race will stand.

You have a duty of care to your crew members, other competitors, and the general public, to identify and take measures to eliminate or control hazards or hazardous procedures within your allocated paddock space and in any AIR areas where the race vehicle may be worked upon, driven or towed. You are required to train, supervise and consult with your crew members in order to eliminate or control risks resulting from such hazards. You must observe and obey all safety related directions that may be given to you or your crew members by the management of AIR or its authorised representatives. Failure to act in accordance with such instructions may result in disqualification.

All persons with access to Restricted Areas must read, accept and sign the ANDRA Acknowledgement of Risk Statement and wear the relevant wristband at all times. Unauthorised persons will not be permitted into any Restricted Area.

A permanent ANDRA Drag Racing Licence appropriate to the class of vehicle being raced is required to compete at events other than off-street meetings. Your ANDRA Licence/race number must be clearly visible on at least both sides of the competition vehicle.

All entries must be lodged and paid in full before the advertised closing time and date for entries. Late entries will attract a late fee. No entries will be accepted after the late entry closing date.

  1. If a competitor chooses an organization to supply and erect a marquee or temporary structure, the organisation must provide ADRP with Certificates of Currency for Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance including ADRP noted as an Interested Party before entering the site.
  2. Where a competitor owns his/her own marquee or temporary structure and uses a third party to erect the structure on their behalf, the third party must provide ADRP with Certificates of Currency for Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance including AIR noted as an Interested Party before entering the site.
  3. If such documentation cannot be provided, third parties employed or otherwise arranged to deliver and erect the marquee or temporary structure will not be permitted to enter the site and erection of the structure may not proceed.
  4. Any competitor in breach of their requirements under this regulation may be disqualified from the event and the structure dismantled and removed from the property at the competitor’s expense without any penalty to ADRP.

Competitors are permitted to sell their team race apparel and merchandise from their allocated pit/paddock area, on the condition that all products, apparel and merchandise must feature that racer’s name and/or car identification. The sale, public sampling or giveaway of any other products, whether associated with the race team or their sponsors, is not permitted unless previously authorised in writing by AIR management.

A minor is anyone under the age of 18 years. Crew members as young as 16 years are permitted, and competitors and crew of a younger age in Junior Dragster, provided a Parent/Guardian’s Acknowledgement of Risk Form is completed. Permission for minors to enter Restricted Areas can only be given by their legal parent or guardian, not by the person responsible for them on the day.

The use of mobile phones in the staging lanes, on the race track or return road is strictly prohibited and their presence in vehicles to be raced is prohibited. Offenders will be subject to disqualification.

No naked flames are permitted at any time.

AIR reserves the right to refuse any entry or limit numbers in any category and no reason need be given.

Paddock allocation will be provided by bracket. The race trailer, race vehicle, tow vehicle and any tender vehicles must fit within the allocated paddock space. No vehicles may be parked in or intrude into paddock access roads. All loading ramps must be reloaded onto or into transporter or trailer after unloading. Any additional vehicles associated with race vehicles and with appropriate passes must park within the competitor’s allocated paddock bay(s). Any vehicle incorrectly parked may be moved by ADRP staff with no responsibility for any damage. Upon request entrants/teams may work during the night on their race vehicle, however they must obey any instructions given by the night security staff. The use of the paddock area for burnouts or practice launches will result in instant disqualification. Paddock speed limit is strictly 10km/h. No pegs/restraints for marquees, awnings or other structures may be driven into the asphalt pit surface, and none longer than 100mm may be driven into any grass area. Any damage done to the property whatsoever will be borne by the competitor(s) responsible for the damage. If the competitor(s) is/are not willing to accept responsibility and costs for rectification works, additional fees will be added to competitor entry fees across the board. Further penalties including disqualification, periodic bans, may be applied.

Only team vehicles that are dedicated tow vehicles or dedicated crew transport vehicles are permitted to be used in the pit/paddock area and must clearly display the team’s race number and competition class designation. Dedicated tow vehicles or dedicated crew transport vehicles must meet with basic roadworthiness conditions i.e. operational headlights, taillights, brakes and tyres and can only be driven/ridden by those with a current civil drivers licence. In all cases a manufacturer’s original seating capacity of any vehicle cannot be exceeded at any time. Motorised vehicles, including bikes, quad bikes and golf buggies which are not dedicated crew transport vehicles not permitted. Sandals or thongs are not permitted to be worn by any person riding a motorcycle or equivalent vehicle. Ignition keys must not be left in any unattended vehicles. Motorised skateboards, scooters, bar stools, pocket bikes and the like not permitted. Children are not permitted to use roller skates, skate shoes or rollerblades or to ride pushbikes, skateboards or motorised skateboards within the venue. No crew transport vehicles may be driven into public areas along the top of the spectator mounds.

The canteen building, adjacent toilet block, scrutineering bays and all surrounding pedestrian areas and access roads/staging lanes represent an exclusion zone into which pit/paddock vehicles cannot be driven and left unattended. No tow vehicles or crew transport vehicles may be driven into public areas on the spectator mounds.

Prize money will be paid into a nominated bank account. Prize money for a round of racing will only be paid if a vehicle does a burnout or enters stage under its own power or at ADRP discretion.

Super Comp $2500$1,500
Competition Bike$1,000$500
Supercharged Outlaws$2,250$1,000
Top Sportsman$1,500$1,000
Super Sedan$1,000$500
Modified Bike$800$400
Super Street$800$400
Super Gas$1,000$500

NOTE: Minimum field size of 8 vehicles in each category must front qualifying for the above prize money, or will prizemoney will be paid on a pro rata basis.

Any team interfering with the paddock or track PA system or speakers will be subject to immediate disqualification from any event and liable to a suspension of their racing privileges at AIR.

By signing the entry form the entrant and driver/rider agree to make themselves available for media access, promotional or public relations activities relevant to the meeting given reasonable notice, and further agree to the use of photographic or digital images or video or film footage of themselves or their vehicles from the event by AIR or by media outlets for the purposes of event coverage or promotion.

Qualifying for all eliminators will be by allocated sessions. Competitors should note that the start line officials may give instructions as to which lane is to be used during qualifying. During qualifying the staging lanes are deemed to be closed for an eliminator’s session at the advertised start time. Once a vehicle has started and moved into the starter’s hands (started when called upon and moved towards the start forward of the control tower) it is deemed to have completed the qualifying run. All qualifying passes are to be paired runs except in the case of uneven numbers in an eliminator or if the Group 1 lane allocation system is in use. All competitors are to ensure they are in the staging lanes no later than 5 minutes before their scheduled session. In the event of a tie for top qualifier’s position on elapsed times the vehicle achieving the time first will be awarded the position.

All Group 1 competitors at championship events will be issued with a lane allocation for all qualifying sessions. The lane allocation must be strictly adhered to otherwise the run will be disqualified. Vehicles in Group 1 are to be in the staging lanes 10 minutes prior to scheduled time.

All vehicles must leave the racing surface via one of the return road loops. Competitors should ensure their vehicle has enough momentum to exit the track surface. Junior Dragsters must take the first loop past the quarter-mile finish line and be towed back to the paddock. Junior Dragsters may not be driven anywhere except on the racing surface.

All vehicles powered by rotary engines must be equipped with an efficient muffler/resonator.

AIR operates under the ANDRA Extended Scrutineering Program (ESP). It is a condition of entry that competitors accept this program in its entirety. Only those race vehicles chosen at random will undergo a Safety Audit Inspection. AIR makes no representation, warranties or assurances that a Safety Audit Inspection including the review of any written information will:

  1. Detect any problem with a race vehicle or a driver/rider’s personal equipment or clothing
  2. Detect any problem with rule compliance, or
  3. Prevent injury, death or property damage.

The competitor agrees that the competitor bears the ultimate responsibility at all times to ensure the safety of his/her race vehicle and to ensure that they comply with all applicable ANDRA rules. The competitor also agrees that the competitor is in the best position to know about the construction and operation of the competitor’s race vehicle, equipment and clothing, and whether there has been compliance with all applicable ANDRA rules. All vehicles required to report to scrutineering should be race-ready with licences, membership cards, log books, helmets, fire suits, uniforms, packed parachutes and any other equipment as required under ANDRA rules.

The competitor agrees that the competitor bears the ultimate responsibility at all times to ensure the safety of his/her race vehicle and to ensure that they comply with all applicable ANDRA rules. The competitor also agrees that the competitor is in the best position to know about the construction and operation of the competitor’s race vehicle, equipment and clothing, and whether there has been compliance with all applicable ANDRA rules. All vehicles required to report to scrutineering should be race-ready with licences, membership cards, log books, helmets, fire suits, uniforms, packed parachutes and any other equipment as required under ANDRA rules.

Group 3 and 4 fields above 32 vehicles will be “split seeded”. Officials take the eliminator “mid-point” from qualifying and seeding is done on the basis of running those above the mid-point against those below. Conventional ladder seeding is used once the field is reduced to 32 vehicles or less. Once a field is seeded no changes to the order will be made.

All competitors and their tender vehicles are required to observe a 20km/h maximum speed limit on the return road and 10kmh from the start line through to pit/paddock area at AIR. Neither a race vehicle nor a tender vehicle has right of way over a spectator or other person.

AIR reserves the right to regulate any advertising or other material appearing on any participant and on the body of any vehicle or transporter participating in AIR events. Participants and vehicles may be excluded from competition and from event facilities if, at the AIR management’s discretion, any advertising or other material displayed on a person, race or support vehicle, or in a pit/paddock area, or otherwise, is not in the best interests of AIR and the sport of Drag Racing.

Competitors and crew must obey all instructions given them by the starter. Failure to obey any such instruction may result in disqualification or the starting sequence to be activated, regardless of whether or not they are in stage. This includes competitors who have failed to complete staging in a “burn-down” situation. All crew must retire to and remain behind the Chief Starter and to either side of the race vehicle or the adjacent trackside safety barrier after the burnout and back-up procedures have been completed. Only the approved number of crew members per race vehicle may attend a race vehicle once it is forward of the control tower. All other crew members not associated with the race vehicles in front of the tower must retreat behind the blue barriers (designated Racer and Crew Viewing Area) to the eastern side of the start line area. The following ANDRA-approved crew member allocations will be strictly enforced: T/F = 11; T/A = 6; T/D = 6; T/B = 5; PRO = 6; PSM = 5; Group 2 Supercharged = 6; Group 2 Naturally Aspirated = 3; Supercharged Outlaws = 4; All other Group 3 and Group 4 = 3. Refusal to retreat from the start line area as instructed by a AIR official or ANDRA steward may result in disqualification of a qualifying or elimination round or a team’s disqualification from the event.

Race vehicles must not be started with a tender vehicle in front. Once a vehicle has started when called upon and moved towards the start forward of the control tower it shall be deemed to be in the hands of the starter. Once a vehicle has proceeded into stage (stage light lit) the driver/rider cannot back out of stage unless instructed by the Chief Starter. Reverse staging is not permitted. Touching the vehicle when in Full Stage is grounds for immediate disqualification.

All vehicles equipped with a chemically or mechanically supercharged engine and capable of 8.99 seconds or quicker must have an effective engine containment device or “nappy” fitted to limit fluid loss onto the racing surface in the event of breakage.

Each entrant will receive two car passes for access to the paddock area, except Super Street and Modified Bike entries, which will receive one. Tow vehicles must clearly display the team’s race number and competition class designation on the windscreen on the passenger’s side. Tow vehicles must not be left unattended without the authorised/designated driver at any time while in the staging lanes or anywhere forward of that point including the control tower tunnels, holding area, return road and turnaround area. When directed by a track official, tow vehicles must leave the holding area adjacent to the start line immediately. No tow vehicle may stop on the return road to collect crew or passengers. All tow vehicles must proceed down the return road, to the turnaround area, connect to the race vehicle as quickly as practicable and return along the return road to the pit/paddock. The return road may be under the control of a track official and all directions must be complied with. No tow vehicles are permitted for Super Street. No tow vehicle may tow more than one race vehicle at a time, except in Junior Dragster where separate tow ropes may be used to tow up to two race vehicles. All crew in tow vehicles must be seated inside or, if in the back of a pick-up or wagon, must be seated and protected from falling out by a closed tailgate or door. Children and others without wristbands must remain fully inside the enclosed cabin of an authorised tow vehicle for the entire time the vehicle is in the staging lanes and anywhere forward of the control tower including the return road and turnaround area. Breaches may result in the team’s disqualification from the event and for an indefinite period thereafter. No tow vehicles may be driven into public areas along the top of the spectator mounds.

The use of traction compounds of any description by competitors is prohibited.

All racing/tow vehicles are required to be of neat appearance. AIR management reserves the right to refuse entry of any vehicle which is deemed to be of an unacceptable standard of presentation. All personnel associated with the team are required to be in a uniform of neat appearance if they are to participate in start line procedures. Pit crew, media, track officials and others accessing the trackside areas in front of the control tower must have secure, fully enclosed footwear (no sandals, thongs, etc) and be neatly dressed (no singlets, torn or dirty pants or shirts, etc). Enclosed footwear is to be worn at all times by competitors and crew within the staging lanes and designated pit/paddock area. Wristbands will not be issued to anyone not wearing fully enclosed footwear.

It is a condition of entry to any event at AIR that should an incident occur which is deemed by the meeting director and or ANDRA steward(s) to warrant it, your competition vehicle and personal safety equipment may be impounded at AIR for a period of time determined solely by AIR, its meeting director or ANDRA. Your entry to any event at AIR constitutes full acceptance by the owner, entrant, driver and or rider of this condition.

All waste oil, fuel and rubbish in general must be taken away by the race team at the close of the meeting. No oil may be disposed of in drains, rubbish bins or onto the ground. A breach of this rule will result in disqualification and reporting to the relevant environmental authorities. An environmental levy will be applied if this regulation is not observed.

Once issued by a AIR registration official, wristbands must not be tampered with and if deliberately removed the bearer forfeits all entitlements. Wristbands cannot be retained for the purpose of reuse at a subsequent event. Should such activity be witnessed or reported the bearer and associated competitor and crew members will be disqualified from the event and may face further suspension thereafter.

To enable a damaged wristband to be replaced, the original bearer must present the damaged wristband to AIR registration officials. A replacement w

If a competitor or crew member has lost their wristband, they must first purchase a general admission ticket to re-enter the venue. AIR registration officials may then exchange the general admission ticket for a replacement wristband. AIR registration officials may wish to verify your credentials. All replacements remain at the discretion of the AIR registration officials.