Track Status (Jan 2022)

We have been exhausting options in the backgroud to get the track operating again, and engaged Engineering Consultants to fix the current non complying walls. Yes as soon as we have something 100% ofcourse we will give everyone an update.
Stay in tune, stay calm, and most of all STAY SAFE!

Events for Everyone

No matter if you drive a regular street car or bike and want to put ‘pedal to the metal ‘legally’, or a race a Top Fuel car, ADRP has an event for tailored for you. Everyone is welcome to come out and race their vehicle no matter what it is.

Adelaide DragRace Promotions is hosting street meets throughout 2018/19 so you can experience the thrill of Adelaide’s own quarter mile, throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. All Cars and Bikes welcome!

Sunday Fundays are all about “Fun”- for the serious racers taking the time to hone their skills and vehicle away from the big race and also open to the ‘street’ cars and bikes to do the same. So bring out the family for all day Drag racing Action.

KOTH is all about ‘run what you brung and make sure you bring enough’. This is a heads up, Pro Tree, 3 round, Winner take all format, so you know its going to be action packed. Not to be missed!!!


ADRP is all about bringing regular Drag Racing events to Adelaide – be it Street Meetings (Fast Fridays/Sunday Fundays), Test n Tunes, real Grudge Racing or the big Championship events throughout the year. We are racers ourselves and will always try to give the racers and fans the best product we can give the environment we are in. All we ask in return is your support! We hope you can visit the track soon and witness “The Most Powerful Motorsport on the PLANET”.
Please make sure you take the opportunity to mingle and meet the teams in the pits – as this is a rare opportunity in top-level Motorsport.