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About Us

ADRP is all about bringing regular Drag Racing events to AIR– be they Street Meetings (Fast Fridays or Sunday Fundays), Test n Tunes, real Grudge Racing event like King Of The Hill or the big Championship events throughout the year. We are racers ourselves and will always try to give the racers and fans the best product we can give the environment we are in. All we ask in return is your support!

Please keep in mind the facility is not owned by us as we ‘hire it’ in order to make these events possible and do the best we can with what we have.

You can enter any event coming up, by just clicking on the particular event you are interested in on the Events tab (above).

Also, there are are ESP forms, License & Log Book Declaration, License & Log Book App forms, etc all on the Competitor Drop Down tab.

If you are new to AIR and never raced here, there is some handy info for you as well under the Competitor Drop Down tab, and as always – just ask as we are more than happy to help (send a pm or ask an official on the day).

Please remember – this sport is all about everyone having FUN !