Race Requirements


Licence and safety requirements by ‘Elapsed Time’ (ET)

As your times step up, so to will your equipment requirements in order to ensure that you all rules and regulations when racing at AIR. Remember Motorsport is Dangerous!

Check out the ANDRA guide here on what you need to do, or call the ANDRA Tech dept on +61 8 8271 5355 or send the guys a note on their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/ANDRATechnical/

Basically, to go racing at street meets all you need is a safe street vehicle that passes basic safety checks on tyres, brakes, steering and liquid leaks and no loose items in the boot or in the vehicle. You need to have or held a Drivers License & we’ll issue you with a DDL (Divisional Day License) as part of your entry if you are not a member of ANDRA and do not need a permanent ANDRA Drag Racing Licence for:

  • Cars 12.00 seconds and slower
  • Cars 11.00 seconds and slower -if originally fitted with airbags and 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Cars 10.00 seconds and slower, IF 2008 or later built model cars
  • Motorcycles 10.00 seconds and slower
  • Motorcycles 9.50 seconds and slower, on a unmodified* production motorcycle (we issue you a DDL as part of your entry)

Helmet selection guide

Need to know what helmet you can take when you race? Check out the ANDRA Helmet Selection Guide here.