Enter Grand Finals 2020 Event

2020 Grand Finals entry form

2020 Grand Finals Entry Form

  • Pls note: This will also be used for class call outs during the event.
  • Select the class you wish to enter. Pls Note: Grp2 licensed classes include driver +4 crew, Grp3&4 Driver +3 crew, Jnrs Driver + 3 crew. Total includes c/card fees.
  • Enter your specific class designation, ie: SS/A, DD/GA, etc.
  • Yes you may top up your crew numbers to a max as per the ANDRA rules book according to your class. All these tickets will be included in your competitor pack. Please note this is “pass per day” and this is a two day event.
  • Please note your pit requirements, and we’ll do the best we can.
    All Track info and Sub regs are available on our web page. Note our cancellation/refund policy: If we cancel the event prior – we will fully refund you no issues! If you cancel/withdraw from the event by the wednesday prior (notify us by email) we will refund you in full no issues! If you fail to notify us as above or dont front – you forfeit your entry.
  • $ 0.00
    Once you have completed this section youll be directed to the payment page. Your entry is only complete once paid for. Please note, you will receive a payment confirmation which is all you need as proof of entry/payment.